My name is Navin Israni

I am Corporate Trainer for Core Java and Advanced Java. The highlight of my teaching is that I focus on technical concepts as well coding competence of my trainees.

I had previously worked with Infosys as a trainer but then life played its part. After I left the training department of Infosys, my career graph went haywire. I worked in different positions including a developer and a content writer. For the most part, I was not liking anything and was mostly bored but somehow carried on.

This was until April of 2016 when I finally came down to a decision to iron out my career profile. Teaching was one thing I liked and Java came naturally to me. So, I sat down and thought hard what I wanted to do with my life. I had known of a reputed training institute in Pune and to my luck, they were hiring. Given my experience, I was sure this was not going to be a failure. So, one thing led to another, and within a few weeks, I was back into teaching Java.


Navin Israni - israninavin@gmail.com
With this blog, Me and my friends aim to bring out Java tutorials that aim to provide some tutorials and some IT industry news and all fresher related resources. We are also integrating a hiring / payment module whereby you can hire me or any of my friends for taking full fledged courses.

If you like our content, do let us know in the posts’ comments. Good feedback always makes us feel good, and who doesn’t want to feel good? 😉

You can email me at israninavin @ gmail.com for any training quotes / inquiries / doubts.

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