My name is Navin Israni

I started this blog called MyJavaTrainer.com long back (some 2 years ago to be precise).

I was never serious about it, but slowly I gained some confidence as I started writing more posts.

I had previously worked with Infosys as a trainer but then life played its part. After I left the training department of Infosys, I came back to teaching in May 2016 and have been working as Full-time trainer until Oct 2016 and then as a Freelance Corporate Trainer.

With this blog, Me and my friends aim to bring out Java tutorials that aim to provide some tutorials and some IT industry news and all fresher related resources.

I had seen a lot of websites which were tutorial sites but they did not have any quality tutorials. They have a lot of technology but their conceptual explanation is pretty shallow and weak; nobody provides deep understanding. Moreover, they seem like copy-pasted contents which were simply re-framed to avoid copyright violation.

With this blog, I intend to change that – I intend to make my posts fun to read yet enough leaning that stick to your brains. You will never forget what you learn here.

These are only beginner days for this website, although it’s old – I have only been actively working on it in past 6 months. So any kind of feedback is much appreciated. If you like my content, please share it with your friends and help us gain traffic

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