Online IT Courses – Java-based Courses For Career Success

Online IT courses are gaining popularity. Whether you are a working professional looking to better your career, or a student looking to get a high salary jobs – these courses are a fit for you.

Why should you learn from an online IT course?

Let me give you a hypothetical example: Developers usually have a stressful life. Working monotonously stuck at a desk for 12 – 14 hours a day can drain all your energy and ruin your ability for studying after work.  If you choose the right online IT course with the right instructor, and if you study the course sincerely in whatever time you get free, nobody can stop you from getting a good high paying job and get your money worth. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can use your lazy weekends to add more skills – thereby set yourself up for a better job?

Student or Employee - both can benefit from Online Java courses

Students are already strapped for cash. Their pocket-money is limited and they can’t wait to start earning. At this point, money forms the basis for all decisions in life. While they have studied Java in college, they are far from being industry-ready. Lucky few get placed through college. For the rest, it’s a painful grind – applying for jobs, going for  interviews, and then getting rejected!

If you are a student and find yourself in above situation, I have to tell you something – It’s not your fault, neither that of your college. Our colleges produce way more number of computer science graduates than there are jobs available. A better way to deal with this situation would be give the companies what they demand – SPECIALIZATION!

IT industry requires graduates who know more than just Java. What you learnt in your Java course was most probably core java and some of advanced Java, may be even little bit of web apps. But to tell you the truth – that is just the start!

Software is never made with just one API or one technology; quality software usually is much more complex in order to keep up with performance / security / non-functional requirements.

Cities which have become major IT hubs have several such institutes which provide specialized training to increase your employ-ability. Again it comes up to one thing – WHAT COST OF THE COURSE? Will you spend more than of Rs. 30,000 INR ($4500 USD) on a classroom course or Rs. 700-1200 INR ($10-15 USD) for the same or better level of education on an online course? 

And that’s where this post come in – I have compiled a list of such high quality online IT courses  with certification from – consistently highly rated online learning platform!

Before moving ahead, let me introduce myself – My name is Navin Israni and I am a Corporate Trainer for Java /  Java EE with close to 5 years of total experience. I regularly come across folks who want to learn Java but are not willing to pay the price of a full-fledged classroom learning course. Or they are professionals who find it hard to carve out time from their busy schedule to attend these classes.

If you have finished a Core Java course and are looking for what should you learn next, then you have come to the right place.

What is UDEMY?

Click on the image to navigate to is basically a online courses marketplace. You get courses from all areas of life. If you have heard about Coursera or Udacity platforms. Udemy is also much similar to them but the number of courses is very vast.

Fantastic Benefits of UDEMY – Online Course Marketplace

  • All material at one place, fully updated. You don’t have to waste time in searching substandard sites for updated topics.


  • Great quality control mechanism i.e. each course has feedback form at the end of every section (not just at the end). You get a true sense of how good / bad the instructor is.


  • Downloadable course material. You can watch the instructional videos offline as well.


  • Udemy Mobile App – Download full courses offline and watch at any place, at any time, at your own convenience. You can download courses on Wi-Fi and save your mobile data.


  • Over 45,000 courses with expert instructors – Courses are organized for Beginner to Advanced level learners. You can find courses related to ANY stream – technocal, non-technical, soft-skills, productivity, etc.

About Udemy Sale

Udemy courses are generally priced between from $10 to $200. Occasionally, they release courses and coupons for $10-$15 courses also.

So the best chance to grab these courses are these sale periods. Even if you do pay the full price, it’s still far less than what you pay for a full-time classroom course.

Here is current discount coupon on Udemy’s amazing online IT courses.

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Check out the courses at UDEMY.

Best IT Courses Which Give Value For Money


Now we will discuss some important IT courses with Java as base technology. The only courses important for freshers are Servlets / JSP, Spring, and Hibernate. You can buy these if you are fresher looking to get a job.

Rest of them can be used to highlight your resume and fetch a bigger compensation package, if you are an experienced developer looking to swtich companies!

Servlets & JSP


Servlets and JSP - Online IT Courses


Servlet is a small Java program which runs on a web server and extends the server functionality. Servlets will let you send HTML output from your Java Web Application, which is visible in a web browser. 

When you use Servlets, you will use HTML tags inside Java methods as arguments.

JSP stands for Java Server Pages (JSP). It does the same thing as a Servlet (in fact, all JSP pages are translated into Servlets).

JSP has Java code inside HTML Tags. This makes JSP code is easier to read and understand than Servlet code.

 You will need JSPs and Servlets to code a basic Java web application.


Search for Best Online IT Courses for Servlets & JSP

Spring (Core and MVC)



Spring Framework - Best Online IT course

Spring framework provides Dependency Injection (DI) feature in your application.

It is very popular in the industry because it simplifies large, enterprise-level applications. DI allows your application modules to be loosely connected to each other. Any changes in one module do not affect the other module. This is the reason why many projects today have a very high demand for people with Spring in their skill set.Spring Core is the most basic module and Spring MVC is for designing web applications with a front-end using Spring’s DI principles. 

Search for Best Online IT Courses for Spring Core & Spring MVC


Hibernate is the one of the most popular online IT courses


Hibernate is a framework which makes your application database-agnostic i.e. you won’t need to change any specific code for every different database. Also, it generate the queries by itself, so you are free from writing queries of your own for most part of the application. For more details on how Hibernate works, you can read my first post on MyJavaTrainer.

Why you should learn Hibernate

Hibernate is one of the top 3 skills that are in high demand with MNCs. Once again, learning Hibernate will at least guarantee you a few high quality interviews.

Search for Best Online IT Courses for Hibernate Framework


Java Web Services


Java Web Services - online IT courses

Web Services are “head-less” applications i.e. without a user interface. They read data from a database, process it according to the business rules and send the output in JSON / XML format

These applications sit on top of the web service, consume the content and display it using interactive visual design.

Why you should learn Web Services

Virtually every web application in the industry uses web services in one way or the other. Many operations done between on the client side by the front-end developers are based on data sent by the web services. 

There are several courses on Udemy which explain the concept and give plenty of examples.

Search for Best Online IT Courses for Java Web Services


Communication with AJAX with JSON / XML


AJAX - Online IT Courses

AJAX is a communication protocol and JSON / XML are data formats used by the protocol.

It enables the browser exchange small pieces of data with the server in the background i.e. AJAX works asynchronously.

After receiving the response, browser will make changes only in the required part of the web page; user will not need to refresh the whole web page.

JSON and XML are formats used by applications with AJAX based server communication.


Search for Best Online IT Courses for Ajax with JSON and XML



Java FX is the most popular GUI technology based on Java


Just like Swing, JavaFX also allows you to build GUI applications in Java. Now Oracle have themselves declared JavaFX as the official library for creating GUI in Java.

If you want to build GUI apps, your knowledge of Swing will not be of much use, instead you should focus on learning the JavaFX library.

Search for Best Online IT Courses for Java FX


Android Programming


Android Programming - Online IT Courses

Android still remains undisputed champion of Mobile OS. And it is actually based on Java entirely! Android apps are made from Android SDK (software development kit) which is actually a Java API library.

After learning Android programming, you can:

  • Apply for Android Developer jobs; they pay rather well.
  • Create your own app and become an independent developer / Start your own game development company
  • Publish ads in your app and make money when anyone clicks it

If you are interested in making your Android app, you should definitely check out my list of awesome Android courses on

Why Android Is Important

There are plenty of Android developer openings that you can apply to. The salaries paid to Android developers vary according to the company. You need to show them at least 2 good projects you have built entirely on your own from your self study. This way they will take you seriously and will offer you a good starting package.

Or if you have an app idea, you can also become an Independent Android developer. Then you can make money by publishing a paid app (or a free app with paid upgrades). You can also integrate advertisements in your Android app and you will get paid when someone clicks ads in your app.

Search for Best Online IT Courses for Android Programming

Design Patterns


java Design Patterns is an advanced Online IT Course

Design Patterns are essentially solutions to problems at the architecture level. Beginners are not expected to know these patterns. But anyone with 2+ years of Java development experience must be able to confidently answer questions on Java Design Patterns in their interview.

Search for Best Online IT Courses for Java Design Patterns


Build Automation Tools – Maven & Gradle

Both Apache Maven and Gradle are “Build Automation Tools”. When enterprise applications are created, a build of the project holds the compiled, well-tested, and error-free source code.

Automating this process is essential because it provides numerous advantages as listed below:

  • For continuous integration and continuous testing
  • Improves product quality and reduces build errors
  • Eliminates dependencies among team members
  • Saves history of builds of each version to investigate future issues

Search for Best Online IT Courses for Maven  / Gradle

Version Control and Source Code Management Tools – Apache Subversion (SVN) and GitHub


Version control for the code is one of the biggest headaches of any project manager. Most IT companies use SVN or Git to manage their code sources. Hence, it is absolutely essential that you learn one of these.

Companies use Subversion to keep track of multiple versions of code, documentation, web pages, and other project resources for an enterprise project. 

GitHub (also called Git at times) allows you to manage code in “branches”. You can add members of your team and restrict their access to these branches. 

Search for Best Online IT Courses for SVN  / GIT



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