Computer Programming: What is it & why do we need it?

In modern times, a computer has taken many forms to help automate manual functions and execute them faster. The world wide web exists and the reason you are reading this article is because someone thought of making machines work for Humans. However, it still remains a machine, it cannot run on its own, it needs direction for processing. In this post we will give you a short intro of why is computer programming important for you and how you can become a good programmer.

Imagine a world without computers. Can you? Me neither! So let’s just skip this intro and get you closer to the meat.

This is where computer programming comes in!

What is Computer Programming?

Programming a computer means to write code to tell the computer how to automate / execute a specific task.

There are hundreds of programming languages, each one having their own features, drawbacks and their own areas of use. Java is a more evolved version of C++, which itself expands on the features of the C language.

Learning a programming language is just one part, but to be a successful programmer, you also need to have sound logical and excellent analytical abilities.

Keys to become a good programmer

Everybody in this world should know how to program, because it teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs

It is easy to get intimated by the word “coding”. But often when you take your first programming course, it all falls in line gradually. And by the time you finish the programming course, you would have learnt a lot of things beyond just one programming language.

So naturally the question comes – how do you start?

Any rookie engineer starts off with a vision of doing a part of their daily tasks on a computer – he wants to solve a problem digitally.

As you grow as a programmer, you will be working with different people having different problems to solve.

As you exchange ideas, you kickoff this wonderful process of collaboration – which opens doors to expressing creativity through code.

If you like solving problems, and if you are passionate about a particular field, you will always find jobs in any industry of your interest.

Summary of article

  • Computers help solve problems in daily lives and helps us execute our tasks faster.
  • Computer Programming is using a programming language to tell your computer what to do in order to solve that problem.
  • While learning a programming language, you also learn problem solving, critical thinking, and analysis skills by way of algorithms.
  • Start small if you’re a new programmer and explore your interests up from there.

All it takes to become a good programmer is a determination to build good programs and a will to help people execute tasks easily.

So, how did you get started on your programming journey? What excites you the most in programming? Let’s discuss in comments!

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